Pig Out At The Best State Fairs In America

state fairsOur experience with state fairs is pretty limited.

In October 2017, the Michael W Travels family got to experience a state fair for the first time, in North Carolina.

I expected some great event but in reality it was super- busy, parking our rental car was a pain and the food had some hits and misses. A booth with pretty much fried- every and anything was fun to try out but not so great.

Lucas most enjoyed checking out various farm machinery on display, some of which he got to sit on and make believe that he was driving.

There were also concerts at night, none of which we considered going to.

The North Carolina State Fair was an interesting experience but it doesn’t usually top the lists of best state fairs in America.

Thrillist put together a list of some of the top state fairs where you can stuff your face!

Here are there picks:

  • State Fair of Texas- September 28- October 31
  • Minnesota State Fair- August 23- September 3
  • Great New York State Fair- August 22- September 3
  • Iowa State Fair- August 9-19
  • The Big E Fair- September 14-30
  • Wisconsin State Fair- August 2-12
  • San Diego County Fair- June 13- July 4

Have you attended any state fairs in America? If so which did you attend and how did you like it?

One of these days I’d love to attend another state fair to see how it compares to our first experience in North Carolina.

Find out about each of the fairs listed above (from Thrillist) here.

3 thoughts on “Pig Out At The Best State Fairs In America

  1. Shari Merrill- Awesome! Any fav foods?

    JohnJ- LOL- One of these years but the NY state fair is so far from the city. It also takes place where we’re usually away!

  2. Shame on you for not experiencing your own state’s fair! When you do, check it out well in advance to get the best family deals and expect to give it a minimum of 2 days with the gang. Use the “park-n- ride” from various off site locations for ease of arriving and departing. Lots to see, eat and do! Really!

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