Do Not Disturb- One Man’s Odd Travel Collection

Do Not DisturbWhen it comes to travel, I’ve collected various things over the years. I used to get a shot  glass from places we visited. After a while (and many glasses), I gave up on this collection.

I still collect local hats, masks and amenity kits from some of our flights.

One of the odder collections I’ve heard about  is the world record Pizza Box Collection held by Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours. His collection included boxes from all over the world.

Last month, CNN reported on a very odd yet interesting collection related to travel.

A business traveler has a collection of over 15,000 hotel Do Not Disturb signs!

Edoardo Flores, a retired UN worker from Italy is the owner of the collection which is made up of “signs from hotels, inns and resorts across the globe.”

What’s interesting about the collection is that Flores started it by accident… Back in 1995, Flores hung up a Do Not Disturb sign at his office which he brought back from a trip to Pakistan.

A co-worker thought the signs were nice and Flores then started collecting them as he traveled around the world for his job.

While Flores has over 15,000 Do Not Disturb signs, he says that he hasn’t stayed at 15,000 hotels. Friends, family and co-workers bringing back interesting signs. He also trades them with other sign collectors.

Most of us think of Do Not Disturb signs as the cards which hang from doorknobs. Fox mentions that, “it’s not uncommon to spot toys, door stops and intricately carved signs outside hotel doors — rather than simple paper hangers.”

Have you ever taken a Do Not Disturb sign from a hotel? I’ve taken a couple interesting ones over the years.

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