New York City Is Getting A Nutella Cafe

nutella cafe
image: wikicommons

Nutella might be one of the most popular spreads out there these days. While I’m not a big fan, Kim, Lucas and Theo love it.

To satisfy many fans, a Nutella Cafe will be opening in New York City

The NYC Nutella Cafe will be the second of its kind. A little over a year back, the first one dedicated only to the spread opened in Chicago.

A Nutella stand exists in Eataly and there are other Nutella cafes within other stores. What makes the new NYC location stand out is that it’s the second stand alone version.

The Nutella Cafe will be located at 116 University Place at 16th Street. It should be opening by the end of 2018.

Eater reports that we should, “Get ready for Nutella-laced cafe treats like cookie sandwiches, crepes, and pastries. There will also be espresso drinks.”

Like I mentioned above, I’m not a big fan but I’d still be interested in checking out the new cafe. Would you?

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