Lenny Dykstra Claims Uber Driver Kidnapped Him

Lenny DykstraBack in May I wrote about how former professional baseball player Lenny Dykstra was arrested due to an incident in an Uber.

This seemed to be just another troubling event in the life and fall of a former MLB All-Star.

Lenny Dykstra allegedly pulled a weapon on an Uber driver and and threatened to kill him. While Dykstra was found to be in possession of various drugs, no weapon was found by police.

We’ve heard the Uber drivers story and now Lenny Dykstra is sharing his version of what took place in the car early that morning.

Dykstra is claiming that the Uber driver kidnapped him during the ride. After asking to switch the destination, he says that the driver threatened to kill him!

The former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies player is also claiming that he called the police from the car. (I’d suppose that would be an easy thing to track through cell phone records.)

At this point, its hard to say who’s story is true- the Uber driver or Dykstra.

Hopefully the police will get down to the bottom of this bizarre story.

Find out more about the newest developments in this story from ESPN here.

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