Actor Michael Rapaport Stops Man From Opening Emergency Exit During Flight

actor michael rapaport
image: twitter

Actor Michael Rapaport, who currently stars in the Netflix show Atypical saved the day during a flight as a man tried opening the emergency exit door.

The incident took place around an hour into the American Airlines flight.

Details about the situation were shared on Twitter by Fox Sports Director Ted Kennedy.

Kennedy tweeted, “@MichaelRapaport just stopped a guy on our plane from opening emergency door. No joke. Mr New York jump right up and stopped it, no hesitation. Thanks Mike!!!

Michael Rapaport responded to the tweet, writing “WTF man? Jesus that was fuxking crazy.

According to Kennedy, a man was trying to get the emergency exit door open when Rapaport got out of his seat, “rushing” over and yelling “what the f*ck are you doing.”

As the ruckus continued, Kennedy as well as some former NBA players now in the Big 3 league came over to help.

At this point, the actor had the man by his collar, pushing him away from the emergency exit door.

Later on, Rapaport posted a video about the situation where he mentioned Baron Davis and Glen “Big Baby” Davis.

ET mentions that the man was able to return to his seat for the rest of the flight after talking to the flight crew. There is no mention about whether or not he was taken into custody upon landing.

Find out more about what took place on the flight here.

5 thoughts on “Actor Michael Rapaport Stops Man From Opening Emergency Exit During Flight

  1. Scary as it might seem, on certain models, there is a way to open an emergency exit at altitude, it does not require working against pressure. It does require pilots release an electrically controlled lock. I would hate to see pilots forget to release in a real emergency.

  2. Jerry- Thanks for that info. Good point you make. Isn’t it still good though for other passengers to step- in to help during dangerous situations? I think it is.

    02nz- According to the pilot who commented above, yes.

  3. Umm, wouldn’t the difference in air pressure prevent ANYONE from opening the emergency door in flight?

  4. Take it from an airline pilot:
    It is physically IMPOSSIBLE to open a door of a pressurized airliner in flight. The pressure holds the door closed. No one was ever in any danger.

    It would be great if the media would publicize this but of info more often so no one would get hurt during the struggle when someone thinks they are “saving the plane” by jumping on the idiot trying to open the door.
    This type of thing seems to happen a couple times a year. Drunk, drugged or mentally ill passenger attempts to open a door in flight. Fails.

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