US Surgeon General Helps Out During Medical Emergency On Delta Flight

us surgeon general
image: Twitter

The US Surgeon General was flying from Atlanta to Jackson, Mississippi on a Delta Air Lines flight when a medical emergency took place.

The Delta crew asked if there was a doctor on board to help out. Jerome Adams, the US Surgeon General stepped up to help out the passenger in need.

There was no mention as to what the medical emergency exactly was, but Adams tweeted about what took place. He mentioned that he was happy to help out, “like a good USPHS officer.” Adams also let us know that the passenger was doing well.

Delta responded to the tweet, thanking Adams for helping out and for his service.

The US Surgeon General was flying to Mississippi to speak at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He was supposed to speak about the Trump administration’s fight against the opioid epidemic.

Find out more about the story here.

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