Southwest Airlines Plane Crashed Into By Pickup Truck

Southwest Airlines
image: Fox News screen capture

Southwest Airlines has had a tough run recently when it comes to airplane safety. Tragedy struck when an engine cracked, sending debris into a window which cracked and led to the death of a passenger.

In the latest incident, it’s hard to blame the airline for what took place at Baltimore- Washington International Airport.

The plane arrived from Fort Lauderdale, Florida at around 12:45AM. It was pulling into the gate when a pickup truck crashed into the plane. This story definitely sounds like a bad joke…

Luckily, none of the 172 passengers were injured due to the incident.

The crash caused a bit of a delay as the passengers had to stay onboard for around an hour. Then, once they deplaned, they “were asked to stay in the boarding area to give statements about the incident“, according to the New York Post.

Passengers weren’t happy about what took place with one saying that Southwest Airlines didn’t even give out drink coupons for their troubles.

The airline didn’t share any other details about what took place related to the crash or how the driver of the pickup truck was doing.

Find out more about the incident here.

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