JetBlue Plane Had Cracked Cockpit Window, Makes Emergency Landing


Last week a Southwest flight made an emergency landing due to a crack in the outer pane of one of the windows.

Over the weekend a JetBlue flight had to make an emergency landing when the cockpit’s windshield shattered during a flight.

The plane was flying from Puerto Rico to Tampa when it had to be diverted to Fort Lauderdale due to the damage.

The flight had left from San Juan around 10:30 am and landed at around 1:00 pm. Soon after landing in Fort Lauderdale the passengers deplaned and were then “transferred to another plane to continue on to their destination“, according to the New York Post.

A reporter on the flight mentioned that the pilot made an announcement about the situation who said that it “isn’t uncommon“.

JetBlue released a statement saying that flight 1052 diverted to Fort Lauderdale “in an abundance of caution following a report of damage to one of the outer layers of the cockpit windscreen.

A cracked windshield on an airplane sounds like a very serious thing to worry about but maybe it isn’t as bad as it sounds. (I’m only saying this based on JetBlue’s statement!)

Find out more from the New York Post here.

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