Could A Magazine Get Rapper G Eazy Through Airport Security

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Towards the end of 2016 Kim was able to get through security at LaGuardia Airport without her ID. Kim ended up showing a couple of credit cards as valid ID along with an additional pat down from an officer.

Rapper G Eazy is claiming that he got through security at the airport by showing a copy of the XXL magazine in which he was on the cover.

While the rapper says that the magazine worked as a form of ID when he misplaced his ID, the TSA has a different story…

The rapper and his girlfriend, Halsey were at the airport in Miami getting ready to fly back to LA after G Eazy performed at the Ultra Music Festival.

As the missing ID issues took place, Halsey tweeted how G Eazy tried using the XXL magazine cover as an additional form of identification. The rapper tweeted back “it worked“.

Fox News mentioned that, “As far as the couple’s public banter on Twitter goes, gracing the cover of the hip-hop magazine’s latest issue was seemingly enough to get the rapper through security, even though the issue only listed his stage name.”

The TSA didn’t go along with the rapper’s story, telling Fox that he had additional kinds of valid ID which were used for positive verification. They also clearly stated that a magazine was not used as a way to confirm his identity.

Considering the TSA has a fun Instagram account, it would’ve been nice to see  a post having some fun with the story.

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