Siberian Airlines Passenger Goes Crazy During Flight

Siberian Airlines
image: wikicommons

There’s been lots of situations with passengers going crazy during flights.

Earlier in the week, a passenger on a Siberian Airlines flight may’ve taken the prize for most disgusting behavior on a plane.

The passenger was arrested when the plane landed for, “allegedly punching and strangling men, women and children — and even sexually assaulting one female passenger“, according to Fox News.

The Siberian Airlines flight was flying from St Petersburg to Novosibirsk, Russia when the incidents took place.

The events started off with the unidentified 47 year-old man walking in the aisles cursing. When a flight attendant asked him to sit down in the back of the plane, he failed to comply.

A passenger reported that the man continued walking up and down the aisle, attacking passengers. He then sat next to a female passenger. He went on to “sexually harass her by grabbing her and pulling her hair.”

Later on, he switched to another seat behind a young girl and put his hands around her neck. As a flight attendant stopped him, he then verbally attacked a passenger holding a baby, saying “Hi little slut” to the baby.

The man then threatened and attacked a male passenger who hit back. Then other passengers stepped in. He was then restrained with seat belts.

When the plane landed, the unruly and abusive passenger was arrested him. He was eventually transferred to a hospital for medical evaluation.

Find out more from Fox News here.


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