NYC & LA Getting A Museum Of Candy

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Last year I wrote about how a Museum of Chocolate was opening in New York City. For a limited time there was also a Museum of Ice Cream in NYC which moved on to other cities.

Over the years, I’ve visited various food museums around the world like:

This summer, New York City will be getting a Museum of Candy!

This museum all about sweets will be opened by the restaurant chain Sugar Factory. It will be located in Chelsea at 656 Sixth Avenue at 20th Street, taking up 30,000 square feet in the building which used to be the home of the club, Limelight.

The Museum of Candy will be permanent and not a limited- time, pop-up like the Ice Cream Museum.

Eater mentions that the museum, “will offer more than 15 “experiential rooms” themed around candy, as well as a dessert market, a full-service outpost of Sugar Factory, and an outdoor cafe. Other candy-related exhibits will include a candy unicorn, an item that they’re dubbing “the world’s largest gummy bear,” and areas to taste candy. Candy murals and art installations will also be on deck.”

After the museum opens in NYC, Sugar Factory plans to open another location in Los Angeles and one other, unnamed city. (If I had to take a guess, I’d say Las Vegas would be a good pick.)

Would you be interested in visiting this kind of museum? I would and definitely plan to visit when it opens.

Find out more from Eater here.

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