My Tasty Prize Arrives From DoubleTree. Mmmmm Cookies!

doubletreeLast week I wrote about a tasty prize that I won from DoubleTree.

I won the prize thanks to an Instagram contest. To enter all I had to do was answer a question in a post from DoubleTree.

When checking into a DoubleTree Hotel, guests can expect to receive a nice little welcome gift, a warm chocolate chip cookie.

I can’t recall the last time we spent a night at a DoubleTree or had the cookie, but I do remember that it was delicious. It was so good that upon check-out , I even asked for another!

Yesterday, I got home from work and noticed a package on the floor. I couldn’t remember ordering anything and then Kim reminded me that it was my cookie prize!doubletreeI eagerly opened the box and saw a nice little tin. Inside was a package with six DoubleTree cookies!

I checked the tin to see if there were directions for heating the cookies up but there was no mention of this. I gave up on the idea of having a warm DoubleTree cookie but I still could’t wait to taste my prize.doubletreeThe cookies are pretty thick with lots of tasty chocolate chips and a noticeable taste of walnuts. I thought the cookie would be crispy but it was relatively soft and beyond enjoyable. This is a cookie that I’d buy at a bakery if it was available.

This was a nice little prize for an Instagram contest. The only issue I have is that the tin only comes with six cookies!

While $14.99 for a tin with six cookies is pretty pricey, they are delicious and it would make for a great gift.

DoubleTree cookies are baked by the Christie Cookie Co. which is based in Nashville, TN.

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