Wear Ugly Holiday Sweater Get Priority Boarding On Alaska Airlines

alaska airlinesI don’t know about you but I like to board early before a flight. The main reasons are to secure overheard bin space right by our seat and to just get settled without rushing before the plane takes off.

Alaska Airlines is offering priority boarding today for anyone wearing a special article of clothing.

In celebration of National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day 2017, yes that’s a thing, you can get free early boarding on Alaska Airlines.

The big holiday is today, December 15. Thrillist mentions that the airline, “will give anyone in a festive holiday sweater” this perk. What makes this silly promo even better is that it also includes Alaska Airlines partners Virgin American and Horizon Air.

The article also mentions that all of the participating airlines will be playing holiday music during the boarding process this month.

Sadly, the early boarding benefit is only offered for just this one day. You’d think that Alaska Airlines could at least include this little perk for those traveling on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Do you own an ugly holiday sweater? If so, would you wear it to the airport to get the opportunity to board early?

Find out more from Thrillist here.

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