Delta Offering Free One Month CLEAR Membership

ClearCLEAR memberships allow you to “speed through security lines in 5 minutes of lessat various airports and stadiums.

While I don’t have a membership, what’s nice about CLEAR is that you don’t need to have an ID on you- you can get verified with your finger or blink of an eye.

CLEAR costs $15 per month which is billed annually at $179. Kids under 18 are free.

If you frequently fly to or visit places that accept CLEAR it might be worth considering. For us, Global Entry is enough of a help for getting through airport security.

I just received an e-mail from Delta Airlines offering me a free one month CLEAR membership.

While I don’t see a real need for the service, I was tempted to apply for it. However, it doesn’t really seem like it’s worth the time.

If I apply for CLEAR and get the free one month membership, I’ll use it one time. In a couple of weeks, the Michael W Travels family will be heading out on our last trip of the year. We won’t fly again until February so is it really worth enrolling in the program for one month? I’d say that it isn’t.

Delta’s free trial offer is good for SkyMiles members. You’ll need to enroll by December 22, 2017.

Besides the free one month trial offer, Delta also offers special pricing for CLEAR memberships.

The membership is:

  • Free for Diamond Medallions
  • $79 per year for Platinum, Gold & Silver members and select credit card members.
  • $99 for general members.

CLEAR is open to US citizens, legal permanent residents, and citizens of US territories, 18 and older with valid photo ID.

If you’re interested in signing up for a one month CLEAR trial offer, you can do so here.

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