Ever Wonder Why Airports Have Carpet?

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Have you ever wondered why airports have carpet?

I can’t say that I have but one might think that non-carpeted floors would be easier to clean and maintain. I’d also guess that carpets in airports need to frequently be replaced due to wear and tear.

I recently came across an article from Travel + Leisure which shares some info about why airports have carpets. (Maybe not the most exciting topic but still interesting if you ask me.)

T+L writes that, “carpeting is one of the many ways airport planners can affect your mood — and your behavior.”

The article also shares that gate areas are carpeted make travelers feel more relaxed before takeoff. The gate areas might even make you feel comfortable like you would in your own living room! I don’t know about you, but I can’t say that I ever mistook the gate area for home.

So why do airports care if people at the airport are more relaxed? It all comes down to the mighty dollar! T+L mentions that those who are relaxed, “tend to spend about 7 percent more money on retail around the airport and 10 percent more on duty-free, according to DKMA.”

So who would think that adding carpet to airports could encourage spending? That wouldn’t have been my first guess why.

Find out more from Travel + Leisure here.

8 thoughts on “Ever Wonder Why Airports Have Carpet?

  1. Rob- Is that so? I don’t recall since I was last in OSL around 3 years back and at CPH 7-8 years ago.

    Bob- Price and sound do make a lot of sense in the decision making.

    DaninMCI- Good points.

  2. It’s likely installed for decor and noise reasons in most buildings in general. Many flyers hate it in airports since it’s harder to pull a roller suitcase. It’s one of many reasons that I opt for 2 wheel skate style wheels instead of 4 tiny wheel roller suitcases.

  3. Carpet is also significantly cheaper than commercial terrazzo installations found at airports which can run $60-100 per sq foot. So airports like terrazzo in the concourse walkways for looks, durability, and ease of cleaning, but carpet in holdrooms helps dampen sound and can be installed for less than $10 sq ft (remember this is commercial grade material).

  4. They should have interviewed the architects of the Scandinavian airports – OSL/CPH/ARN/HEL – which are all mostly hardwood

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