An Awesome Aviation Related Scooby Doo Gift For Kids!

scooby dooWhen shopping for holiday gifts for Lucas, it’s nice to get an idea of what kind of things he’s interested in but it’s even more fun to surprise him.

Lucas loves traveling and he also really likes planes. When I was offered a Scooby Doo Bi-Plane Snaptite Model Kit from Revell to review, I figured it would be a good item to hold off on giving him until the holidays.

I was curious to see how an almost 6 year-old (his birthday is January 11) would like a model. I also felt it could be a fun activity for Lucas and I to build together.SCOOBY DOOSince Lucas loves Scooby Doo, I couldn’t imagine him not liking this model. The only thing I had to explain to him was that a model isn’t the same thing as a toy…

From the moment Lucas took the Scooby Doo model out of the gift bag, he was really excited. Besides a really cool looking airplane, he also noticed that 3 characters were on the box. He was right, 3 characters were included, Scooby Doo, Shaggy and Velma.

The first thing we did was assemble the characters. It was hard for Lucas to snap them together so after he placed the pieces where they went, I did the finishing touches. These aren’t your typical action figures but Lucas didn’t mind as he played with them.

The following day we built the plane.

Lucas was eager to put the plane together and started to do so on his own. It was not a good idea to attempt this without directions. I had to pull a couple of pieces apart before following the simple, step by step directions.

The plane is easy for an adult to put together, not so much for a little kid. Regardless, what made the model a fun gift was the fact that Lucas and I got to build and have fun together. (Yes I did 98% of the work but he did help!)

Lucas has really enjoyed the Scooby Doo plane so far but some pieces (the flaps from the wings) have come apart at times. Again, it’s a model so this is understandable.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this kit for a really fun holiday gift!

The Scooby Doo Bi-Plane Snaptite Model Kit from Revell retails for $22.99. If you’re looking to purchase it, I noticed selling it for $17.99.

I want to thank Revell for sending me a Scooby Bi-Plane to review. 

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