Update On Strangers Who Performed Sex Act During Flight

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image: Aero Shots

Last week I wrote about a bizarre story about two strangers performing a sex act during a Delta Airlines flight. What made the story odd was that the FBI was investigating the situation.

I’m not exactly sure of the laws but does the FBI really need to be involved? Can’t local law enforcement where the plane lands just give a summons or some sort of fine?

Some new details related to the situation came out. Here is an update.

Like I mentioned last week, the 28 year old man and 48 year old woman met on the flight.

T+L reports that the duo, “attempted to hide behind a blanket while having sex.” Talk about a great way to be discreet.

The woman was “highly intoxicated” while she performed the sex act on the younger man. What makes the story even more ridiculous is that another passenger was sleeping next to them!

It appears that the man tried to cover up what was going on. He claimed that the woman fell asleep in his lap and he grabbed her breasts. This story didn’t hold up as other passengers gave statements which led to the pair being led off of the plan in handcuffs.

Both the man and woman “received citations but were let off without charges“. After landing in Detroit, the woman was supposed to catch a flight to Nashville but she wasn’t allowed to rebook with Delta.

So much for that FBI investigation which was initially mentioned.

Find out more from T+L here.

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