There’s A $200 Samuel Adams Beer & Its Illegal In Some States

Samuel Adams Beer

Why on Earth would a Samuel Adams beer cost $200???

One good guess would be that it’s very rare. Little did I know, the brewery releases a beer called the Utopias every two years and yes it’s a limited release.

Forbes mentions that the beer, “carries a price tag of $199 and an ABV of a whopping 28%, is one of the beer world’s most highly anticipated events.”

The Utopias beer will be available throughout the United States, kind of. It won’t be available in 12 states where it’s illegal.

This rare Samuel Adams beer can’t be purchased in those states (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington) due to its super high alcohol content.

What can you expect in terms of taste from a $200 beer?

Forbes writes that, “It’s not carbonated, since the alcohol levels chew up any CO2… The taste is more like a fine liquor, with a sweetness like a port or cognac and a smooth, almost buttery, malt-filled finish.”

Besides the high price, Utopias also differs from the average beer as it’s not supposed to be drank in one sitting. It’s suggested that you drink one ounce at a time.

Would you be interested in trying a $200 Samuel Adams beer? I’m curious to see what it’s like but that price is pretty steep.

Find out more about the special and limited Samuel Adams beer, Utopias here.

3 thoughts on “There’s A $200 Samuel Adams Beer & Its Illegal In Some States

  1. andrew- Awesome! I’d love to try it but at $200 for a bottle along with it being rare, I doubt I’ll get to. Would you really consider it a beer or more a liquor?

  2. I have a bottle from 8 years ago! Love it enjoy a class every Christmas with my Father in Law. Gets better tasting every year

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