Plane Window Comes Loose During A Flight

plane window
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While many things can go wrong during a flight, the odds of a plane crash are just one in every 1.2 million flights.

One passenger on a flight recently noticed and recorded video of a plane window coming loose during the flight!

Should he have been worried?

The video of the plane window was taken during a flight over Chile. Newsweek reports that, “The short footage was shared by Imgur user OctopussSevenTwo and shows the passenger casually peeling back the window from the plane.”

Along with the clip, the passenger wrote “Should I be concerned or…?” Well, that’s a good question.

The plane’s exterior window wasn’t the one that was coming loose.

While it appears in the video that the window is coming off of the frame “it was not a concern or a danger to the airplane passengers. “It’s just a superficial liner that helps protect the actual window“, according to Patrick Smith, the host of

Newsweek mentions how a plane window usually has three panes. The one inside of the plane is there to protect the middle and outer panes as well as also “minimizing the outside sounds.” The middle and outer window panes also protect passengers from the air pressure.

So no, the passenger should’ve have really been concerned.

It might look bad having the inside window pane coming off but what do you expect from a $30 flight on a low cost airline? (Just kidding, I think that I’d be a bit concerned if I noticed this during a flight.)

Find out more from Newsweek here.

4 thoughts on “Plane Window Comes Loose During A Flight

  1. At the least, I look around to see where the exit behind me is.

    And I always keep shoes on during takeoff and landing…don’t want to go stumbling through sharp debris in bare feet 🙂

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