Cancun Looking For CEO, Pays $10,000 Per Month!

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Cancun is a very popular destination for all ages. You’ll see partying college students take over the area during Spring Break. Many couples and families head down there at other times of the year.

The area is currently looking for someone to fill an interesting job. 

Cancun is looking for the right person to become the CEO, Cancun Experience Officer for six months.

The position comes with a very generous $10,000 salary per month and also covers the lucky person’s expenses.

The person who is selected for the job will have to live in Cancun from March until August 2018. (To apply, you need to fill out an application and make a one minute video.

Fortune mentions how, “this isn’t a six month vacation.

Job responsibilities will include creating videos, social media posts, and blog posts for You’ll also get to take some “field trips” and do “research“. Think, visiting ancient pyramids, swimming with whale sharks and other things along these lines.

While there will only be one winner, five finalists will be flown to Cancun in December to help with the final decision.

The way I look at it is that five people will still be getting a trip to Cancun!

Are you interested in becoming the Cancun Experience Officer? I think it sounds like a lot of fun and the pay is pretty solid but the dates of the job don’t work for my schedule.

If you decide to enter the competition, good luck!

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