Things That Martha Stewart Can’t Travel Without

Martha Stewart
image: wikicommons

TV personality Martha Stewart is very busy, hosting a show on VH-1 with rapper Snoop Dogg. She’s also an author and even started her own wine company back in the spring.

Martha Stewart does a lot of traveling for business and pleasure.

The New York Times recently had an article telling us “What Martha Stewart Can’t Travel Without“.

Most of us who travel have a bunch of things that we need when we travel. For me, I need my MacBook Air, iPhone, headphones (nothing fancy), Meclizine, Cipro, gum and some other obvious things.

What might a star like Stewart, worth over $600,000,000 need when she travels? Let’s find out.

  • Lots of Clothes: Martha Stewart says that she isn’t a light packer and takes at least two suitcases.
  • Three iPads: One for books, one for tv series and one for movies.
  • Shatoosh: Never heard of this one. Oh wait, most people would call this a shawl
  • Workout Gear: Stewart says that she works out everyday when traveling.
  • Food: She doesn’t like airplane food and takes her own, homemade items.
  • Soap: Stewart doesn’t like the heavily scented soaps hotels give so she brings unscented, high quality varieties.

So there you have it, those are the things Martha Stewart can’t travel without.

What do you need to bring on all of your trips?

Find out more from the New York Times here.

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