NYC’s Biggest Pizza Party, Slice Out Hunger Returns October 4

pizza partyThe Michael W Travels family loves pizza and are lucky to have so many amazing options close to home in NYC. (We recently completed the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge, trying a slice in each borough in a day using only mass transit.)

If you love pizza and will be in NYC area tomorrow (October 4), you’ll want to keep reading…

Slice Out Hunger, New York City’s biggest pizza party returns for another year to bring us lots of pizza while also doing a lot of good.

Pizza from over 50 pizzerias will be available for just $1 per slice and the best part is that all of the money raised goes to charity!

Kim, Lucas and I attended Slice Out Hunger three years in a row but took last year off since we were away.

If you aren’t familiar with the event, you can check out a couple of my posts:

Slice Out Hunger was founded by pizza expert Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours. (I’ve taken the Sunday School Bus Tour and it was awesome! If you happen to be visiting NYC and love pizza, I’d highly recommend going on one of the tours.)

Scott is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest pizza box collection in the world. (I’ve given a couple of boxes to Scott, including one I brought back from Japan.) He’s also written a book about his collection called Viva La Pizza- The Art of the Pizza Box.

A little about Slice Out Hunger:

Slice Out Hunger is NYC’s biggest pizza party for a good cause!

  • Everything at the event costs just $1. We’re talking slices of pizza from some of the top pizzerias, drinks, desserts and raffle tickets where you can win great prizes.
  • All of the money raised gets donated to The Sylvia Center and City Harvest.

Some Event Rules:

  1. When you enter, you buy $1 tickets with exact change.
  2. You can buy up to 10 Red Tickets which are good for slices. Blue Tickets are for everything else and there is no limit on the amount you buy.
  3. You can only buy one slice from each pizzeria.
  4. It’s asked that you purchase your pizza in one single lap around the room.
  5. There is no re-entry.

Where does the event take place?

  • Slice Out Hunger takes place in the Lower Hall of St Anthony’s Church- 155 Sullivan St- at Houston.
  • The event takes place on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 from 6pm and ends when the pizza runs out.

Show up early as there will be extremely long lines which will stretch around the block!

Are you interested in attending NYC’s biggest pizza party? We are!

Find out more about Slice Out Hunger here.

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