Find Out What Animal Was Allowed Inside A Super 8 Hotel

Super 8
image: wyndham

Pets are allowed at some hotels for an extra fee. Typically, if you’re bringing your pet, most would figure that you’re bringing a dog or cat.

One Super 8 Hotel in Kentucky allowed a much larger pet inside their hotel.

Lindsey Partridge was heading to the Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium in Kentucky with her beloved horse. While she was on the way to the horse park with horse, named Here Comes Aldri (aka Blizz), she stopped at the Super 8 in Georgetown.

Partridge mentioned that her horses were with her and asked (jokingly) if they’d be allowed in.

To her surprise, her horse Blizz was allowed in once she paid the $10 pet fee.

In a T+L post, there are images of Blizz at the Super 8 front desk as well as in the hotel room watching some TV!

Blizz didn’t spend the night at hotel though, she stayed at the horse park.

Super 8 doesn’t have an specific pet policy so each individual property can decide which animals are allowed inside.

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