Chicago Cubs Flight Diverted After Big Win

Chicago Cubs The Chicago Cubs had a big comeback win on Thursday night which is sending them to the NLCS.

This puts the defending champions one step closer to returning to the World Series. Early yesterday morning, the team’s plane was diverted while heading to California.

The Chicago Cubs were flying to Los Angeles for their series (which starts today) with the LA Dodgers, when it got diverted to Albuquerque, New Mexico “due to a medical issue onboard“, according to ESPN.

The plane landed around 5:30AM and the person with the problem was then transferred to the hospital.

The identity of the person with the medical issue wasn’t shared but the team said it was “a player’s family member.”

The team couldn’t get on their way until around 10:30AM due to the crew timing out. A second crew had to be brought in to continue the flight.

The Cubs are scheduled to play the LA Dodgers at 8:08PM so this diversion won’t be causing any issue with the game.

Find out more from ESPN here.

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