JetBlue Will Have a Sam Adams Beer Tasting Flight

Sam Adams

JetBlue has teamed up with Sam Adams to offer a very special kind of flight.

Travel + Leisure says that JetBlue will have “the first ever cruising altitude beer flight on October 5.”

The special Sam Adams flight sounds like a lot of fun. It will fly from New York’s JFK to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival.

Jim Koch, the founder of Sam Adams will be onboard where passengers will get to enjoy “the Samuel Adams OctoberFest, along with two additional special beers that will be revealed on the flight.”

When Kim and I visited Boston years back we made a stop at the Sam Adams Brewery for a tour. The tour wasn’t much more than a funny video but it also included free beer samples! One of the beers we got to try was a special beer not available in stores which was pretty cool.

The JetBlue flight will also feature “Oktoberfest themed activities and other surprises.”

Would you be interested in flying on a special beer-themed flight? I think it sounds like fun, I just hope that it doesn’t lead to a plane full of drunks, causing trouble!

Find out more from T+L here.

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