Another Special Delivery From Lufthansa Arrives!

a cardboard box with stamps and a yellow tape

Each week the Lufthansa First Class Terminal runs a contest through Twitter where one lucky winner wins a special duck.

I’ve had some pretty good luck in the past, winning two Lufthansa First Class Ducks. Check out what I won here and here.

A couple of weeks back I won another special duck from Lufthansa which I mentioned here. When I found out that I won, I was curious to find out which duck would be sent. Lucas was also excited to find out what it would be!

Around a little over two weeks later, my prize had arrived. Like my second duck, I found it funny that the box’s packing form listed “Rubber Duck” on it. I could only imagine what the mailman thought, seeing an international package being delivered with a toy duck inside.

a box with a plastic bag and a label

I then opened the box and saw this inside. A small card covered up the duck. The card was nice but not as personal as the handwritten note I received after my second victory.

Then the reveal. I figured it would be an Oktoberfest themed duck since the festival is currently going on.

a yellow rubber duck with a cowboy hat and red scarf

I was wrong but happy to see a Cowboy Sheriff Duck inside. This duck seems to be a little bit bigger than the other two ducks and he’s packing some heat. If you look in his hand, you’ll see a pistol there.

So that makes three Lufthansa First Class Ducks in my collection.

Will I ever visit the FCT in person to get a duck, probably not as I’m not rich enough in miles to get there. And even if I was, I’d most likely opt for coach seats.

Do you collect Lufthansa ducks? If so, how many are in your collection?

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