Wyndham Rewards Sends Another Gift

Wyndham Rewards

From time to time Wyndham Rewards sends out a gift. To date, I’ve yet to actually get a chance to use one of them.

Before I continue, find out if I received a Barclays Wyndham Rewards card retention offer.

So you might be wondering what kind of gift I received from Wyndham Rewards?

Wyndham sent me an e-mail with a code good for one 8X8 Photo Book from Shutterfly.com. The book has a value of $29.99 so this definitely is a nice offer.

The problem I have with photo books is that they take forever to make.

Years back, Kim and I used to make photo books of our trips but they take hours and hours to create. In the end, a photo book is a really nice way to show the best photos from your trips but I can’t recall the last time that I’ve put in the effort to make one.

This current offer is good until September 27, 2017 which is just a few weeks after we return from our trip to the Pacific. I know that in that time period there’s no way that I’ll be making a photo book. (Maybe next time I receive this offer I will!)

Have you ever created a printable photo book? If so, did you find the process fun or just too much work?

2 thoughts on “Wyndham Rewards Sends Another Gift

  1. I’ve gotten offers for these photobooks from many companies. They’re really all just a scam because they make up for the ‘free’ book in shipping and handling costs.

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