Trouble Strikes Again- United Airlines Blamed For Dog’s Death

United Airlines
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It’s been a really bad year for United Airlines with a wide variety of negative incidents taking place.

The main headline grabber was a passenger being dragged off of a United Airlines plane back in April. A few days later, a scorpion stung a passenger during a flight. In late June, a baby overheated on a plane stuck on the tarmac. There’s been other incidents too…

Now United is being blamed for a dog’s death.

FOX News reports that “United has the worst record for pet deaths aboard their flights.”

A Houston family is now holding the airline responsible for the death of their 5 year-old King Charles Spaniel.

The family says that their flight to San Francisco was delayed and held on the tarmac for two hours before taking off. During this time, their dog was in the plane’s cargo hold.

United Airlines told FOX News that they “reached out to our customer to offer our condolences and assistance and  are conducting a thorough review of this incident.”

What about compensation? I wonder if the family plans to sue the airline over the loss of their pet. I also wonder if the dog’s death is really United’s fault?

Find out more from FOX News here.

4 thoughts on “Trouble Strikes Again- United Airlines Blamed For Dog’s Death

  1. That poor baby! Flying in the heat!
    I am a huge dog lover and have pets myself. Many years ago it was far easier to fly with you dog. The airlines cared about it. And flights were more predictable. You used to never get stuck on tarmac for hours!
    Now with the chaos the industry is in, I would not think to take my dogs anywhere with me via airplane! And in August!
    I am so sad for them, but they knew where their sweet baby was being held!
    Southwest is super smart—NO FLYING OF PETS!
    I think it is wrong for people to to the fake “companion pet” think to skirt the issue.

  2. Someone from the airline HAD to know a dog was in the cargo hold. They also MUST know it’s not air conditioned. Why did no airline employee CHECK on the dog???

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