Enter For A Chance To Win A Lufthansa First Class Duck

Lufthansa First ClassLufthansa First Class Ducks are highly collectible yet hard to come by since you can only get them at the First Class Lounge & Terminal. You could also purchase them on sites like eBay or ask a friend that has multiples to give you one!

Every week @Lufthansa_FCT runs a contest on Twitter, giving away a duck to one lucky winner.

I’ve had some pretty good luck (although it’s been a while), winning two First Class Ducks! (Check out what I won here and here.)

In the latest contest, you can win a Lufthansa First Class Duck for answering a question on Twitter.

You’ll need to: Guess how many mozzarella pearls were served at the FCT last year.  (The closest guess wins the prize.)

Mozzarella pearls do sound tasty but I have no idea how many were served at the First Class Terminal last year. However, there isn’t any reason not to take a guess! (My guess was 11,000 mozzarella pearls.)

What would your guess be?

If you’re interested in entering to win a Lufthansa First Class Duck, you need to submit your answer (in the form of a tweet) by August 30, 2017.

Make sure to follow @Lufthansa_FCT on Twitter and tweet your answer here.

Do you collect Lufthansa Ducks? If so, how many are in your collection?

For those of you interested in seeing what its like to fly Lufthansa First Class, check out Casey Neistat’s YouTube video here.

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