Send A Tweet, Earn An EASY 50 Marriott Rewards Points!

Marriott Rewards points

Recently, I wrote about a way to earn up to 45,000 Marriott Rewards points for being social. Soon after, the first offer arrived via Twitter. For sending a tweet, we got to earn a very easy 50 Marriott Rewards points.

I’ve been checking Marriott’s social accounts pretty frequently but I did miss out on a 50 point offer related to the eclipse. I’m not sure if I sent my tweet too late or forgot to include the hashtags, but I never did get a message that I received those points.

There’s currently a new offer to earn 50 Marriott Rewards points, once again for sending a tweet.

To earn the bonus you need to:

  • Answer the question: The most epic sports moment I’ve ever witnessed  was_________. (Fill in the black with your favorite memory.)
  • Make sure to include #RewardsPoints and #MembersGetIt in your tweet.
  • You also need to have your social accounts synced with Marriott

For those of us who synced social accounts with Marriott #RewardsPoints, we can earn an easy 50 Marriott Rewards Points for responding to their tweet which you can do here.

I tweeted that my most epic sports memory was attending a World Series game although the Mets lost. Within moments I had a tweet from Marriott stating “You’re that much closer to your next great moment.”

The tweet was followed up by an e-mail from Marriott with the subject: Success! Your points have arrived.

While 50 points isn’t much, over time they will add up. I’ll take free points just for sending a quick tweet!

If there was one request that I have of Marriott, it would be that they send some sort of notification out when new offers are available. It definitely gets annoying to keep checking their social accounts!

Have you been taking part in the Marriott social tweets? If you haven’t, there’s no reason not to participate.

5 thoughts on “Send A Tweet, Earn An EASY 50 Marriott Rewards Points!

  1. Dave- Steve is right, points earned from #MRPoints does not count as an activity which extends the life of your account. (I didn’t realize this either, but I did look it up thanks to Steve.)

    Jamie- That’s awesome. I sent a Tweet and Marriott said they were looking into it.

    Mark- Definitely strange!

  2. My points for the eclipse didn’t post either, however I reached out to them on Twitter and they were able to manually post the points to my account.

    1. Unfortunately, promo points do NOT extend expiration of Marriott points, as they do for just about all other programs.

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