Can I Bring A Screwdriver In My Carry-On Bag?


It’s always interesting to hear about the odd or dangerous items that people try to bring in their carry-on bags. I usually come across them  thanks to the TSA’s Instagram account. (Curious to find out about some of the items? Search TSA on my site!)

If you’re unsure if an item is allowed to fly, you could ask the TSA through Facebook Messenger.

On a Father-Son Trip with Lucas, I was curious if a screwdriver could be packed in my carry-on bag.

I wasn’t sure how long a response might from the Ask TSA feature so I decided to do a Google search.

What I found was that screwdrivers longer than 7 inches long can not be brought onboard in a carry-on but they are allowed in a checked bag.

Since I needed a screwdriver during our trip, I measured the one I chose and it came to 5 inches, end to end. I tossed it in my backpack and expected to be questioned about it regardless of what I had read online.

Lucas and I went through security at JFK Airport without issue. No alarms were raised due to the screwdriver! Boy was I surprised, in a good way to not be held up by an item which I read was allowed to fly.

So there you have it, a screwdriver can fly as a carry-on as long as it’s not longer than 7 inches long.

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