American Airlines Flight Delayed Due To Pee Smell

american airlines
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An American Airlines flight was supposed to fly from Los Angeles to Washington, DC last weekend. The flight ended up with a long delay for a bizarre and smelly reason.

FOX News writes that the flight was delayed “due to a reported smell of urine coming from the cabin.”

The flight was delayed for over four hours due to this problem. A columnist for the Washington Post tweeted that “American Airlines won’t rebook because our bags are on the plane- which is now in a hangar.”

Later the columnist, Dana Millbank reported that a “urine-free plane now promised after 2.5 hour delay. Sarah Lee pound cake offered as consolation.” Sounds like a fair form of compensation, right?

AA spokeswoman Leslie Scott told Fox News that the flight was delayed due to cabin cleanliness and the flight left around 4.5 hours late on a new aircraft.

I wonder if most of the passengers onboard got pissy about the situation? I’m pretty sure that I would’ve!

Find out more from Fox News here.

2 thoughts on “American Airlines Flight Delayed Due To Pee Smell

  1. Similar smell was on our flight from Washington DC to Fort Lauderdale on Jul 13 on AA 1657. Flight came back to gate from the runday. There was 3 hours delay to get a different aircraft

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