North Carolina Has A New Tourist Attraction- A New Island!

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image: Google Maps

North Carolina has a new tourist attraction created by nature- a new island!

The island, known as Shelly Island is around a mile long and a few hundred yards wide. Yahoo News says that, “thanks to the changing tides of the Atlantic Ocean, those enjoying Cape Hatteras’ Cape Point can now trek to this newly formed island.”

Shelly Island is essentially a large sandbar which can “continue to grow or soon it could be completely gone” according to Mark Dowdle, the deputy superintendent of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

For now visitors can walk to the new island when the tide is low. However, that options doesn’t seem to be advised. The water is rough near the island. The park service recommends using the buddy system and not going alone. They also suggest using “flotation devices such as paddle boards or surfboards along with a life jacket.”

Popular activities on the island include walking the beach and collecting seashells.

If I were to visit that area of North Carolina I’d probably want to check out the new Shelly Island. There isn’t much to do there but it does make for a good story!

Find out more from Yahoo News here.

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