Just Awful, Teen Kills Uber Driver

Uber driver

Driving a taxi can be a very dangerous job. For that reason, most taxis have a plexiglass partition between the front and back seat.

If you look at most taxis, they also usually have a small video camera near the rear-view mirror. I assume that they record the rides now but I’m pretty sure they used to just take still images every few seconds (or something like that).

I came across a really sad story about an Uber driver killed by his teen passenger.

The New York Post reports that “A 16-year-old girl was charged Wednesday as an adult with first-degree murder and accused of stabbing her Uber driver to death in suburban Chicago.”

Police in Lincolnwood, Illinois responded to a call of a man screaming for help at 3:20 in the morning on Tuesday. They showed up to find Grant Nelson, a 34 year-old Uber driver with stab wounds.

Nelson mentioned that he was an Uber driver and that his passenger had stabbed him when he was dropping her off.

Police found the girl, Eliza Wasni behind a building, holding two weapons. She refused to make a statement about what took place.

Sadly, the Uber driver, Grant Nelson died a few hours later at the hospital.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Wasni was “held without bail.” They also report that Nelson was attacked randomly. The weapons used in the attack, a knife and a machete had been stolen from Walmart.

After being stabbed, Nelson was able to pull over his car. He ran into a building, pushing buzzers screaming “Help me, I’m going to die“. Wasni drove off in his car, striking a median soon after. She then ran off.

This is a very sad story. You have to wonder what precautions could be taken to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again. Considering Ubers are driven by many people using their everyday vehicles to earn some extra money, it isn’t likely that their cars will be set up with a plexiglass barrier.

Find out more about what took place here.

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