A Great Experience: Korea Baseball Organization- LG Twins Game

LG Twins

While traveling I love going to see local sports when possible.

Here are some sporting events I’ve been to:

  • Soccer in Scotland and Lithuania
  • Aussie Rules Football in Sydney, Australia
  • Rugby in New Zealand
  • Kickboxing in Thailand

Then there’s my favorite sport- Baseball! I’ve been to lots of MLB games/ stadiums in the US (and Canada- the Blue Jays). We’ve also been to professional games in Japan and Cuba.

When we planned our trip to South Korea, I mentioned to Kim that I had to try to go to a KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) game. The Korean league has sent some players to the majors in recent years so I expected a game to definitely be fun and competitive.

I didn’t want to wait until the day of to buy our tickets so I had our hotel’s concierge call to reserve them for us. (This was the first time I’ve ever had a concierge book us anything.)

We got tickets to a LG Twins game at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.

We got to the busy stadium and waited on-line to pick up our tickets.

Once we got inside, I was impressed with how nice the field looked. Our section wasn’t busy by any means, which was a good thing. We could relax, enjoy and spread out. Lucas could also wander around and play with the seats to pass the time while I watched the game.

While I’m not big on souvenirs, I wanted to be a real fan… Before heading into the stadium, I purchased a LG Twins jersey- a wearable souvenir. It wasn’t cheap but it also wasn’t overly pricey. (I even wore it to a Mets game recently!)

Lots of interesting food is available around the outside of the stadium as well as inside. Kim and I wanted some Korean fried chicken. There were lots of stands to choose from and it was very good.

There were also stands selling more traditional Korean fare. I saw one stand grilling various forms of seafood and the one above had some odd items available too.

The beer crew wander around with a big backpack. They wear a sleeve of cups across their chest and have a hose to dispense the beer from. We didn’t try the beer (Cass) but I did hear that it’s pretty bad.

One difference from MLB to the KBO that I noticed at the LG Twins game was how they manicure the infield dirt. In the States we usually see crews walk with long rakes across the field to fix the dirt. In Korea, they drive a golf cart which drags a mat, fixing the dirt.

Like many of the newer MLB stadiums, Jamsil Stadium is kid-friendly. There were two kids play areas. Lucas was really upset when he wasn’t big enough to play at a bouncy-slide area but he loved the indoor play area for younger kids.

Overall, we all enjoyed checking out a baseball game in Korea.

I really enjoyed watching the game as well as the crowd. They had some chants that most fans knew. The fans are also passionate about their team. Most were wearing jerseys, hats or other team gear. I was also able to wander all around the stadium to get different views of the field. The last view was the best. I went up one level, behind home plate and saw a player hit a massive home run… Score!

One thought on “A Great Experience: Korea Baseball Organization- LG Twins Game

  1. You might want to comment on the cheerleaders. I loved the guy wearing the team uniform and white gloves who, quite literally, leads the cheers. Definitely something the sets Korean ball apart from MLB.
    And the Cass beer is horrible, but at least they let you bring them in from outside the stadium, so you can pay the 7-Eleven price instead of the ballpark price!

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