Win A Lufthansa First Class Duck!

lufthansa first class

Lufthansa First Class Ducks are highly collectible yet hard to come by as they can only be acquired at the First Class Lounge & Terminal. You could also purchase them on sites like eBay or beg a friend to give you one I suppose!

Every week @Lufthansa_FCT runs a contest on Twitter, giving away a duck to one lucky winner.

I’ve actually had some good luck, winning two times! (Check them out here and here.)

In the latest contest, you can win a Lufthansa First Class Duck for answering a question on Twitter.

You’ll need to: Guess how many kilograms of hummus were served at the FCT last year. (The closest guess wins the prize.)

I don’t like hummus or have a clue as to how many kilos of it was served at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal. However, there’s definitely no reason not to take a guess! (My answer was 275 kilograms of hummus.)

What would your guess be?

If you’re interested in entering to win a Lufthansa First Class Duck, you need to submit your answer (in the form of a tweet) by May 24, 2017.

Make sure to follow @Lufthansa_FCT on Twitter and tweet your answer here.

Do you collect Lufthansa Ducks? If so, how many are in your collection?

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