The Most Comfortable Airport Transfer Ever


The Michael W Travels family took a trip to South Korea recently during Spring Break.

We ended our visit by staying for a couple of nights at the really nice Intercontinental Seoul COEX hotel.

We wanted to save money on our airport transfer and hoped that we wouldn’t need to take a private taxi which are both pricey and low in space when you’re traveling with four people.IMG_7957

We looked around for some other ways to get to Seoul Incheon Airport. Kim thought she found an airport transfer where we could even check our bags through before getting on the bus but that idea didn’t work.

Our best bet was to just ask at the hotel the night before our flight.

We were told about an airport transfer called the KAL Limousine (Korean Air Limousine).

I had actually heard a little about this option from one of the tour guides when I went to the DMZ. However, I didn’t think much about it, probably because it was the morning of our second day in the country.

It turned out that the KAL Limousine was reasonably priced and we wouldn’t need to go further than outside of our hotel to catch the bus. Convenience and a fair price, you can’t go wrong with that!

We bought our ticket for 16,000 WON each (around $14), (kids ride free) and then waited around 10 minutes for our limo to arrive.

There were a few seats taken up but the bus wasn’t busy.

The seats looked really comfortable and I was extremely impressed when I sat down.


The seat was cushy yet firm and also reclined a bit from what I recall. The bus was also clean which can be a rarity…

Overall, the KAL Airport Limousine was probably the most comfortable airport transfer we’ve ever taken. The ride took a little over a hour and at under $28 for all of us to sit comfortably, it sure beats a private cramped taxi which would probably cost almost double the price.

What’s your preferred mode of transportation for airport transfers? Public bus/ train, airport shuttle or taking a taxi?

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  1. I used this in my family trip 4 years ago. Good service for a decent price. The only problem is if your hotel is not on their stop list. You get off at nearest point and walk.

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