United Airlines Passengers Use Slides, Exit Plane Before Takeoff at EWR

united airlines
image: wikimedia commons

Last night the passengers on a United Airlines flight had to evacuate the plane before takeoff. To make matters a bit scarier, they had to exit using the emergency slides.

The plane was at Newark Airport and was getting ready to head to San Francisco when the situation took place.

The passengers needed to evacuate quickly when “a fire apparently broke out in one of the engines“, according to Gothamist.

One passenger told Gothamist that flight attendants were saying “Get away from the plane! Go down the slides and run away from the plane!

The plane was supposed to takeoff around 8:30 PM but it was still on the tarmac at 9:00. The crew announced that the United Airlines plane was 18th in line to leave. One passenger said that the lights went out and the captain told the crew to prepare to evacuate!

There was screaming from the back of the plane as the flight attendants gave orders to get off of the plane.

Firetrucks arrived soon after and sprayed the right engine. Buses then brought passengers to the United Lounge. One passenger mentioned that the bar was closed and they weren’t allowed to drink. I think after an experience like that, I’d definitely need a drink!

Find out more about what took place on the United Flight here.

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