Are You Having Trouble Buying Gift Cards With Credit Cards at Staples?


Besides credit card sign-up bonuses, the easiest way to earn lots of miles and points is by purchasing gift cards with a credit card that offers a bonus

By using my Chase Ink card I earn 5X miles & points by pre-purchasing gift cards for future use on things like gas (Shell & BP), groceries (Whole Foods) and general shopping (Amazon and Target). We can also buy gift card for our travels (Airbnb, and Southwest).

I needed to replenish the gift card balance in our account but I couldn’t find the cards at a Staples in Brooklyn and New Jersey over the weekend.

Yesterday I stopped into a Staples in Queens and ran into a different kind of problem. The store had plenty of $25 and $25 gift cards. I picked up four $50 cards and headed to the register.

After waiting a couple of minutes for my turn, I handed over the cards to purchase. I was then told “you know that you can only buy these with cash”. I quickly asked something like since when?

I was told to look at the sign on the door. I left, a bit annoyed but not at the cashier, he was just doing his job.


I then went outside to look at the sign.

According to the sign, “Due to fraudulent activity, gift cards can be purchased with cash only“.

I haven’t had a problem buying gift cards at Staples in a very long time. The cashier might call to let a manager know about the purchase, but I always get my cards.

So what’s going on here in Queens? Is this the policy of the one store or will Staples stop allowing gift card purchases with credit cards at all of the stores?

Let us know what your experience has been like when buying gift cards at Staples.

I’m going to try another store (if time permits) this week. Hopefully they will have Amazon cards in stock and I will be allowed to make the purchase with a credit card.

5 thoughts on “Are You Having Trouble Buying Gift Cards With Credit Cards at Staples?

  1. I replenished my Amazon balance last week but couldn’t find the $500 card so I had to use 5-$100’s. They did not give me any issue about using my Ink Cash though.

    1. Update – I was just able to buy the two $200 VGCs for the rebate deal this week from my Staples in Downtown DC. So your experience might be limited to a certain area.

  2. I just bought two $200 Visa gift cards at Staples using my Ink Cash card, to take advantage of this week’s rebate promotion. No issues thankfully. Good luck.

  3. I buy Visa, Ebay and Amazon gift cards at Staples all the time with no problems. Yesterday I bought in Queens at a Staples on Atlantic Avenue with no problem. Occasionally the clerk will as for ID.
    Which one is cash only so I don’t waste my time?

  4. Mikey45- Def good to know!

    MFK- Awesome!

    Emes- It was the store in Rego Park. We go to the Trader Joe’s over there once in a while and Staples is next door.

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