Rideshare Service Juno Available at NYC Airports!


Last week I received an e-mail from rideshare service Juno which announced that they were now available at NYC airports.

While I’ve never used them, I had heard good things about the company and that their prices were cheaper than rivals like Uber and Lyft.

Competition is usually a good thing so I figured that having another rideshare at JFK and LGA could only help to bring down the cost of a ride home from the airport.

I was curious to see what a ride home from JFK or LGA might cost with Juno. When I tried to do the request, I got the message “we’re not here yet”.

I decided to tweet my post to Juno and see what their response would be.

They wrote back right away with a solution to the problem I was running into. They mentioned that I may not have the latest version of the app downloaded! (I hadn’t thought of updating the app since it still seemed to be working…)

After sending a direct message with some account details, I went ahead and updated the app.

Sure enough, when I did a search for cars at JFK and LGA airport, the app appeared to work!

I did a search from JFK Terminal 4, Pick-up B to home.

The cost for the ride with Juno came to $34.43. A ride with Lyft gave an estimate of $47-61 and Uber came to $42.16. Based on this quick search, Juno clearly had the cheapest price.

So just to follow up with my post from a few days back, Juno is working at JFK and LGA. If you want to use this service, make sure to update the app!

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