Join Sam’s Club, Earn Up To 5,000 AA Miles

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Kim and I aren’t big fans of warehouse stores like Costco BJ’s and Sam’s Club but it can be fun to shop at them from time to time. (That’s probably due to the samples!)

However, thanks to Amex Offers, we’ve enjoyed a nice deal on a Sam’s Club purchase a couple of years back. (Since I’m not a member, I ordered discounted gift cards online.) I’ve also had a BJ’s membership for close to a year, which was free.

If you’re interested in joining Sam’s Club, you can earn some bonus American Airlines miles for doing so.

Here is the way the offer works:

Sam’s has three kinds of memberships. Here is what you can earn for signing up for each membership.

Sam’s Club Savings or Business ($45 cost)

  • 1,500 Regular AAdvantage member
  • 2,000 Gold & Platinum
  • 2,500 Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum & ConciergeKey

Sam’s Club Plus ($100 cost)

  • 3,000 Regular AAdvantage member
  • 4,000 Gold & Platinum
  • 5,000 Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum & ConciergeKey

Some Rules:

  • The offer is open to new members only
  • Not valid for those with a current membership or those who were members less than 6 months prior to 10/1/16.
  • Miles may be rescinded if membership is canceled within 90 days of activation.

How to sign up to earn the bonus:

Click here and enter your AA AAdvantage number. Then select the membership you’d like to sign up for.

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