Theo’s Six Months Old Travel Update!

travel update

My little man Theo turned 6 months old a couple of weeks back. He was born a bit early on August 30. I guess he was eager to meet Mommy, Daddy and big brother Lucas!

Theo’s an amazing little boy and he’s added so much to our family. I doubt most of you want to hear a parent brag about their kid but since this is a travel blog I did want to share a six month travel update!

Theo got an early start, taking his first flight at 7 weeks old. Since then, he’s flown a total of 17 segments! Yes, Theo’s been a busy little traveler.

Overall, traveling with two kids has been awesome with the only hiccup being a crazy expensive lap baby ticket  on a recent trip.

Where has Theo been?

(Theo’s also visited a couple of other states that we’ve driven to.)

travel update

Some Flight Details:

Theo’s already flown over 20,000 miles on six airlines. He’s been through 14 airports in 5 countries. At six months old, Theo’s spent over 2 days flying on planes!

travel update

In less than a month we’ll be heading back to Asia. This will be our first trip back to the area since we visited Myanmar back in 2015 and our first trip to Asia as a family of 4!

From what we can tell, Theo’s favorite part of traveling is getting to hang out with Mommy, Daddy and Lucas all day long and being carried in the Ergo. He’s been quite the little traveler at just six months old but he’ll have a very hard time catching up to big brother Lucas. (Check out Lucas’s 5 year old birthday recap here.)

That wraps up Theo’s six month travel update. By the time I write another one of these, I’m sure there will be a lot more travel to add!

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