$166,000 Left in Plane’s Overhead Compartment, Returned To Owners

planes overhead
image: wikicommons

Here’s some good advice. Please don’t place valuables likes money and passports in a planes overhead compartment!

A couple was flying from Chicago back to Munich last week when they forgot some very precious and valuable cargo onboard. The couple left a bag containing $166,000 in the planes overhead compartment!

Lucky for them, the story has a happy ending…

The couple was able to go through customs using ID cards, not realizing that the bag they left behind contained their passports and “American cashier’s checks – worth a total of $166,000,” according to T+L. The man had just inherited the large sum of money from his mother.

A cleaner saw the bag on the plane and turned it over to the airline. The airline then gave it to the local police who found the cashier’s checks inside.

When the police figured out who the owners of the bag were, they had already left the airport. According to T+L  the “police tracked them down to their home about two hours away“.

Once the man was told what he had left on the plane he headed right back to the airport to claim the valuable bag!

Lucky for them this story ended well!

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