Flash Giveaway: Win 2 United Club Passes!

United Club

One of the benefits of the MileagePlus credit card is that you get two United Club passes each year on your cardmember anniversary.

I was hoping to finally use one of my pair of passes during our upcoming trip to Asia but luck isn’t on our side. Our passes expire a little over week before our trip!

Our bad luck could be good news for one of you. The only problem is, is that my United Club passes expire on March 31, 2017.

I had meant to run this giveaway around a week back but I messed up and forgot about the passes.

If any of you might have a need for a couple of United Club passes in the next week, just leave a comment below about where you’ll be traveling to enter.

I’ll leave the giveaway open until I feel like ending it. I plan to pick a winner by later in the day.

Once I pick a winner, I’ll contact them via e-mail. (Make sure to leave the correct e-mail when you comment!) I’d love to have the Club Passes in the mail by Friday morning so it gives the winner a chance to use them.

Hopefully these passes don’t go to waste. Good Luck!

10 thoughts on “Flash Giveaway: Win 2 United Club Passes!

  1. Heading to Ohio for a counselor tour visiting six colleges on Sunday. Would love to visit the lounge and relax! Thank you for this giveaway!

  2. Headed from Denver to houston to Birmingham, then to Portland a few days later, and back to Denver next week, would be nice to relax in the lounge during the trips!

  3. Hi, my wife and I have a 5 hour layover in SFO on March 26th. I would greatly appreciate them.

    Thanks either way,


  4. Taking my girlfriend on our first trip to New York next friday. It’d be great to show her the best way to travel, even if it’s not the Polaris lounge.

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