Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport Adopts Shelter Dog

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport
image: wikicommons

They say that cats have nine lives but one dog in Georgia got a new lease on life thanks to the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport Customs Department.

Murray, a beagle was an abused shelter dog, brought to the Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter around a year back in pretty rough shape.

There was a band on his tail from someone trying to shorten it. Murray also had a piece of one of his ears missing.

After some time and attention at the shelter, he was moved to Alcovy Pet Rescue. The rescue then placed him in a foster home. The alert foster parent noticed that Murray had good ability to sniff and search for food.

The director of the pet rescue said they had sent some dogs to work customs at airports and Murray’s sniffing skills were a sign he might be good for that kind of work.

Murray was then entered into a training program with the US Department of Agriculture. He graduated from training last week and is ready to start working at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where he’ll sniff luggage for prohibited plants and food!

It’s nice to see a dog who was abused and mistreated be able to come back and live a productive, meaningful life.

Find out more from Yahoo News here.

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