The Amazing Race 29 Premiers March 30, Check Out the Cast!

The Amazing Race

One of my favorite shows returns in two weeks and I’m looking forward to the new season.

The Amazing Race premiers on CBS on Thursday, March 30. Phil Keoghan is back to host the show. This season features a big twist like never seen before!

The cast features 22 total strangers!

No competitors this season have “pre-existing relationships,” according to TV Guide. Teams will be picked at the starting line after a challenge. Crazy idea, I just wonder if it will make for great TV or odd pairings.

The only other time teams were made up of strangers was back in Season 26. 5 of 11 teams were set up as blind date teams.

TV Guide mentions that the new season “will cover nine countries, 17 cities and 36,000 miles. Stops include Panama City (the first destination), Tanzania, Norway and Greece“.

Let’s take a look at the cast:

  1. Brooke, 36- a criminal attorney from New York
  2. Becca, 26- a rock climbing instructor and barrista from Boulder, CO
  3. Ashton, 25- a real estate agent from Fort Worth, TX
  4. Joey, 46- a police sergeant from Saugus, Mass
  5. Vanck, 28- a Wall Street analyst from New York
  6. Tara, 38- an army officer from Alexandria, VA
  7. Shamir, 28- a Wall Street banker from Jersey City, NJ
  8. Seth, 37- a police officer from Seattle
  9. Scott, 34-  a recruiting manager from West Hollywood, CA
  10. Sara, 27- a luxury realtor from St John, Virgin Islands
  11. Redmond, 28- a motivational speaker and former Navy corpsman from Murrieta, Ca
  12. Olive, 24- a firefighter from Providence, RI
  13. Michael, 37- a butcher from Pittsburgh, PA
  14. Matt, 25- a pro snowboarder from Denver, CO
  15. London, 27- an artist from Brooklyn, NY
  16. Logan, 27- a surgical consultant from Columbus, GA
  17. Liz, 24- an auctioneer from Maryville, MO
  18. Kevin, 31- an athletic trainer from San Diego, CA
  19. Jessica, 28- a K-9 police officer from Youngstown, OH
  20. Jennifer, 25- a model from Los Angeles,CA
  21. Francesca, 33- an army drill sergeant from Plano, TX
  22. Floyd, 21- a college student from Boulder, CO

I’m definitely looking forward to this season. I’m also curious to see how the competitors get teamed up. Besides a challenge and physical appearance, there won’t be much to go on when selecting a partner.

Are you a fan of the Amazing Race?

Find out a Season 29 preview video from CBS here.

5 thoughts on “The Amazing Race 29 Premiers March 30, Check Out the Cast!

  1. Chris Bastian- Good point! The older teams are usually interesting to watch.

    mike murphy- Interesting and I think you’re probably right. I’ve always felt that those that are multilingual have a big advantage in many instances.

  2. I like the show overall

    however I think they test the applicants to see who is travel savvy, and the ones that are are eliminate them from the choosing.

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