$179.25 + 7,400 Points= Trip for 4 to Buffalo, NY

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Back in January JetBlue Vacations offered $150 off $150 on vacation packages for a limited time. Soon after, they changed the terms where the $150 savings was on much higher priced packages.

Some people reported getting free trips due to the promo but I couldn’t find any offers that great. However, I did find a couple of options which wouldn’t cost a ton of money.

I decided to book a very quick trip to Buffalo, New York, a city that I had never visited before. The main purpose of the visit was to try some of the areas local food… Yes, we’re primarily talking about Buffalo wings!

Here are the details that went into booking our short, one- night visit to Buffalo.

I had to book five things to make this trip work:

  1. (2) JetBlue Vacation Packages (for Kim and myself)
  2. An award ticket for Lucas
  3. A (free) lap baby ticket for Theo
  4. Car rental

The Costs:

Vacation Package 1: for MLW $87.15 (after the discount)

  • Roundtrip flight on JetBlue ($126.40 RT if purchasing at Jetblue.com)
  • Hyatt Regency Buffalo- one night (cost $139.40 if booking at Hyatt.com)

Vacation Package 2: for Kim $67.34 (after discount)

  • Roundtrip flight on JetBlue (valued at $126.40)
  • One night at a hotel we didn’t use- I don’t recall what it would’ve cost to book.

Award Flight for Lucas: cost: 7,400 TrueBlue points + $11.20 tax

I wanted to book a package for Lucas too but you can’t book one of them for minors. I don’t recall the minimum are required to book. I had a little bit of trouble the first time I called to book Lucas’s ticket and then associate it with my flight. I called back a day or 2 later and had no issues besides the rep initially booking Lucas on a flight hours earlier than ours!

Lap Baby Ticket for Theo: cost: Free

Car Rental: I rented a mid-size car from Hertz. After a bit of searching, I was able to book our car for one day for $10.64 + tax for prepaying. Total cost came to $13.56. (If I paid at the counter, one day would’ve cost $30.52.)

Total Cost for Trip: $179.25 + 7,400 JetBlue points

Overall this wasn’t chump change to spend on a one day visit to a city but I’m glad that we went. I finally got to check out Buffalo NY and try wings where they were created. We also stopped by both sides of Niagara Falls in the freezing weather!

If we would’ve booked the trip without the $150 off $150 deal, the trip would’ve cost $392.20 for Kim and my flights and the Hyatt which was part of my package.

What do you think- was this a good deal or something you would’ve passed up? (Do you think that you could’ve resisted a trip to glamorous Buffalo! 🙂

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