Private Plane Got Too Close to Air Force One

air force one
image: wikicommons

Air Force One is the plane that flies the President of the United States around.

The plane is basically a flying command center loaded with things like a conference room, onboard hospital and a variety of safety & security equipment.

In the past, I wondered, Does Donald Trump Have A Better Plane Than Air Force One?

Since Air Force One carries the most powerful person in America and probably the world, there are rules as to how close other aircrafts can get to it.

Bloomberg reports that “U.S. aviation investigators are probing an incident in which a private plane and President Donald Trump’s aircraft flew closer than was permitted“.

Air Force One and the private plane got around 2 nautical miles apart while flying over Florida on February 3. The article mentions that there wasn’t really any risk of the planes colliding since they were flying on parallel paths.

When Air Force One is flying around the US, a variety of safety measures are put into place. Closer attention is given by the FAA and the Secret Service watches for potential threats. Extra air space can also be given by stopping or diverting other flights.

When the incident took place, President Trump was flying to Palm Beach International Airport. (It happened around 30 miles from the airport.)

Find out more from Bloomberg here.

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