Update: City National Bank Airline Incidental Credits Post!

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Last month I wrote about a difficult decision that I had to make pertaining to one of my credit cards.

The pricey $400 annual fee posted to my City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite card. $400 is definitely not chump change so I had to decide whether or not to keep or close the card.

I called City National Bank hoping to get a retention bonus offer. Ultimately, I decided to close my account.

The City National Bank Crystal card comes with an annual $250 airline incidental fee credit. The credit can also be used on the cards of authorized users. If you add authorized users, this can make the card quite valuable, even allowing you to come out ahead.

Besides the high $400 annual fee, the other main reason that I closed my card was due to the credit (mentioned above) not posting for a couple of AA gift cards that I bought in early 2017. Typically, the credits posted in 4-5 days but it never showed up. This could be due to the bank not allowing gift cards to count for the fee credit or maybe due to getting the credit not even a month back for 2016.

Like I mentioned above, I decided to close my account and was told that the annual fee would be reversed. I didn’t check my account again until yesterday.

When I checked my account I saw a couple of exciting surprises!

city national bank

Not only was the annual fee adjustment in my account, there were also two $100 credits!

When the credits didn’t show within a couple of weeks back in January, I lost hope that I would receive the credit for 2017, but look at that! The “travel fee rebate” posted just a day or two after I wrote my previous CNB post!

Do you (or did you) have the City National Bank Crystal Visa card? If so, what was your experience like when getting the airline incidental fee credit?

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