Naples Top Pizzaiolo Gino Sorbillo Opening Pizzeria in NYC

Gino Sorbillo
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If you’ve been longing to head to Naples, Italy to try out some of their best pizza you’ll soon be able to get a taste much closer to home…

Famed Naples pizzaiolo Gino Sorbillo will soon be opening up shop in New York City!

The pizzaiolo,  owner of La Pizzeria Sorbillo will be moving into a space on the Lower East Side which has been home to a bunch of other pizza shops.

(334 Bowery has been the home to pizzerias like “Forcella, Slice of Naples, and relative newcomer SRO Pizza,” according to Bowery Boogie.)

Could Gino Sorbillo succeed with his new pizza shop in NYC and put an end to the “revolving door of pizza purveyors” at 334 Bowery? Possibly! Bowery Boogie cites a quote from about how Sorbillo’s pizzeria in Naples has attracted tons of people and has “been great catalysts for the neighborhood’s rebirth“.

While I’ve been to Italy a few times, I’ve never had a chance to try pizza in Naples so I’m definitely interested in trying out this new pizzeria when it opens in New York.

Have you tried pizza in Naples? I’m curious to hear how it compares to pizza in NYC. (We’ve had some tasty pizza in various parts of Italy but I still feel that NY pizza is a worthy competitor!)

One thought on “Naples Top Pizzaiolo Gino Sorbillo Opening Pizzeria in NYC

  1. NYC is the epicenter for the pizza market. A tough market to crack with so many pizza joints that make awesome pizza! Nothing beats a great New York style thin crust pizza? Wish them luck .

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